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Brass Burner and Coaster
Brass Burner and Coaster

Brass Burner and Coaster

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Brass Plain Burner has a polished brass surface and is about 2.5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches tall. It comes with a brass screen and a natural wood coaster. Also included a 10pack of quick lighting charcoal tablets, 33mm each.

Product Description:
These are perfect for burning charcoal, for your altar or simply an eye-catching piece of decor!
These burners with a screen come with a round wooden coaster. The removable screen on the burner allows ash to fall through while keeping the charcoal on top.

Tips for a smooth experience to ensure the charcoal tablets burn through completely:
*Please ensure the charcoal tablets are stored in a cool, dry place.
*Place a disk on a heat resistant burner.
*We recommend using a good amount of sand to handle the heat since the charcoal tablet will get extremely hot.
*Also be careful to protect the surface of whatever the burner is resting on.
*The charcoal can be lit with either a match or a lighter.
*Please ensure you light it for at least 15 to 20 seconds till it begins to crackle and pop as the surface ignites.
*Please allow 2-3 minutes for the charcoal to heat up completely and evenly.
*Once lit, the charcoal can be used to burn resin, incense, herbs, etc. The charcoal tablet will stay hot for about an hour.
*We recommend using incense tongs to safely handle the hot charcoal.

Keep out of reach of children.
Never leave burning incense unattended.
Please burn responsibly on a heat proof surface.